How to Find the Perfect Photographer For Your Beach Wedding Photography?

Posted September 1st @ 1 September, 2014

Having a beach wedding makes everybody feel more casual, yourself, your guest and even the people you hire to do the catering or the photography. Everybody is just less restraint then they would be at a formal wedding. It is a perfect way to bring back some of the fun into a wedding, because sometimes it feels like weddings are done just to confirm to the expectations of how it's supposed to be. The right person for the job You need to make your wedding day the most perfect day of your life ...
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Photography Tips And Techniques

Posted August 31st @ 31 August, 2014

When being a photographer, there are so many different elements you have to take into consideration when doing your job.  The amount of techniques and tips that photographers have the joy of incorporating into their work is outstanding and is something that takes a lot of time and energy to accomplish.  Some photography techniques include photography lighting techniques, indoor lighting photography techniques, black and white photography techniques, and street photography techniques.  With ...
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Digital Photography Tips - How To Photograph People And Places

Posted August 30th @ 30 August, 2014

Nothing defines a place as much as the people who live there work there or visit. It is fascinating to observe them and their culture. They can also provide a rich source of photographic potential too.Not everybody is comfortable taking candid shots when visiting a particular city or location.It takes a certain amount of confidence, quick reactions and a real eye for a picture, but with a little courage and practise, candid photography can add a human touch to your pictures of places that you ...
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The Complete Guide to Selling More Photos Online

Posted August 29th @ 29 August, 2014

Photography is indeed a hard money-making profession. With the horizons of Internet now open to selling your best photographs to online buyers, it has given tremendous boost to young photographers to take the lead and use Internet as a potential money-making platform. However, considering the competition, there is no space for an amateur photographer to thrive in this online photography selling business. So, if you are confident on your proficient photography skills, here is a lowdown on the ...
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Photographing Kids

Posted August 28th @ 28 August, 2014

Kids grow up so quickly and while we are often left with countless memories, most parents have only a drawer packed with school photos, blurry holiday snaps and the forced grin of the inevitable yearly birthday picture to account for the years gone by. It’s time to stop bemoaning the latest photograph of your thumb obscuring your adorable baby and get on with improving your skills as a photographer. Why should you bother when the near-by mall has a perfectly good photo studio, you ask? ...
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Aerial Photography with RC Airplanes

Posted August 27th @ 27 August, 2014

Have you thought about taking aerial photos of your home, business or family event? Now the technology exists to make this easier, safer and cheaper than ever before. Digital cameras can be mounted on slow-flying remote controlled electric planes. The shutter is triggered from the rc transmitter on the ground. Aerial Photography has many interesting uses. Several of these are related to real estate: raw land or improved structures on the land. Examples include but are not limited to: ...
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Twitter Tweets about Photography as of August 27, 2014

Posted August 27th @ 27 August, 2014

Pin2Cities: RT @ABCECIIIL: #photography #stilllife #photo #amazing #instagood #instalove #insta #nice kuntiKunyuk || jepret 2013-06-10 · Reply iAlexz_: Photo: #photooftheday #photography #fashion 2013-06-10 · Reply Pin2Cities: RT @ColumbusCooper: General Photography And Videography - -   "AMAZING PHOTOGRAPHY TIPS AND TRICKS."   Ptogr? 2013-06-10 · Reply Pin2Cities: RT ...
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Digital Photography Tips on How to Capture those Perfect Wedding Moment

Posted August 26th @ 26 August, 2014

A wedding is undoubtedly one of the most precious moments in a person's life. Capturing it on film to be stored forever is even more important. Today, brides and grooms have so any options to choose from when it comes to choosing the kind of photography that they want for the most important day of their lives. Here is a guide in achieving the wedding photography of a couple's dreams: 1. Choosing the right photographer In order to select a wedding photographer, a couple must first decide on the ...
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Insurance For The Self-Employed

Posted August 25th @ 25 August, 2014

The biggest concern I hear from people who are thinking about starting, or already have, their own business is the lack of medical insurance. What most people don't know is that there are many options available that will allow you to have both medical and dental insurance without having a large company paying most of the premiums. When you go looking for health insurance, you need to know the four main types. * Fee-For Service. With this plan you pay a percentage of the cost with every doctors ...
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Photography Schools - Training and Course Options

Posted August 24th @ 24 August, 2014

The career choices are broad for students that have obtained a photography education. Students can learn to take, edit, and print images. Numerous training and course options are available through photography schools. Students can expect to gain all of the technological and technical skills needed by completing focused courses. Good programs are offered by accredited colleges that center education around the art, science, and business aspects of photography. Courses that teach students these ...
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